Lose That Last Inch With Liposonix®!

In the battle to look your best, there’s nothing more frustrating than that stubborn “last inch” you’re trying to shed – especially around your waistline. The Custom Contouring™ capabilities of the Liposonix® System target and eliminate fat around your waist – in your abdomen and in the dreaded love handles – to help noticeably slim your waistline. Liposonix® is a safe, non-surgical and non-invasive treatment that uses high-intensity focused ultrasound to treat and eliminate stubborn fat. It is a revolutionary solution that’s perfect for people close to their ideal size and shape but need help where diet and exercise just won’t work.

Is Liposonix® Right For Me?

Liposonix® is perfect for targeting and eliminating fat around the abdomen and flanks (love handles). The ideal patient for Liposonix® is an individual close to their ideal size and shape, but can “pinch-an-inch” of fat in the treatment area.

How Does Liposonix® Work?

With many other non-invasive fat reduction technologies, such as radiofrequency and lasers, energy is highly absorbed or scattered near the skin surface, thereby limiting penetration into subcutaneous fat tissue and delivering only temporary results. Ultrasound energy, on the other hand, can be used to penetrate through the skin layers and into the targeted fat tissue without harming skin or surrounding tissues. Other ultrasound body contouring technologies often use low-intensity, low-frequency, or unfocused energy which can require multiple treatments and lead to unpredictable results. The Liposonix system uses high-intensity focused ultrasound energy to non-invasively destroy targeted subcutaneous fat and deliver uniform, predictable results after a single one-hour treatment.

What to Expect

Only one Liposonix® treatment of one hour is usually required. It allows for the ability to non-surgically sculpt the body as opposed to other non-surgical devices. Typical results of a circumferential reduction of 2-3 cm (about an inch) can be achieved in 8-12 weeks. Liposonix also leads to skin tightening, due to it’s thermal approach.

This was an awesome solution to help me get rid of that last bit of baby fat I gained in my midsection. I lost 2.5 inches, which was the annoying last bit that made me feel self conscious about my tummy.

Melinda P.

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